Welcome to my Vintage Vault. These kits were used to inspire me into converting originals into modern day reproductions. These originals are long out of production and its time for me to pass them along to better homes.
All kits are complete unless otherwise stated. Some have extra items included. Prices are fixed and do not include shipping. Kits listed in the Vintage Vault may be of a mixed variety - Scale Plastics, ect.....
This page will be updated as items are sold. First Come first serve.
Guillow's NIEUPORT 28  (Sealed)   $30.00
Guillow's  SPAD  ( Sealed)   $30.00
Guillow's  Fokker D7  (Sealed)   $30.00
Guillow's  SE5   $30.00
Guillow's  Sopwith Camel   $30.00
Guillow's Fokker D8   $30.00
Kits above all have 18" Wingspans
Guillow's Rumpler CV  24" wingspan  $ 35.00
Guillow's  Nieuport 11  24" wingspan   $35.00
Guillow's  Thomas Morse Scout 24" wingspan  $35.00
Guillow's Dehavilland 4  27" wingspan   $ 35.00
Guillow's Fokker DR-1 Triplane  20" wingspan  $35.00
Guillow's  SE5a  24" wingspan   $ 35.00
Enterprise Control Line Flying Models 16" Wingspans for .020 - .049 Engines
Enterprise SE5a  16" wingspan  $35.00
Enterprise Sopwith Camel 16" wingspan  $35.00
California Models - Kits from the 1950's. This is the late versions of production. No wheels, props, rubber or covering material were provided. Excellent in design, these were well multi role models, display, rubber powered flying or converted to gas FF or control line. All are 1:16 scale ( 3/4" =1' ).  All basic wood parts provided including strip stock.
California Models Fokker D7 21.75" w/s  $ 35.00
California Models SPAD XIII  18.75" w/s  $35.00
California Models SE5a  19.75" w/s  $35.00
California Models  Nieuport 17 20.0625" w/s  $35.00
Guillow's Albatros DVa Complete - Has had Original vacuformed cowling & spinner replaced due to brittle age. 
18" wingspan  $50.00 for this rare bird.
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