Whats New
Greetings fellow Modelers,

Now for an important announcement:

 Effective September 3, 2021, All kits produced will be Short Runs.  This means that I will no longer supply strip stock for the DPCM and AW Series line of kits.  I regret having to do this but most of the builders change out those items anyway. I have to do this to stay competitive with the modeling community market. Prices will currently remain the same.
Please understand that I have not raised my kit prices in 21 years of serving the modeling community.  If I don't make these adjustments, the alternative would be to shut down and close the doors for good. And I hope it wont come to that as the rise of cost of raw materials has forced me to take this course of action. This is where we are at guys. I wish there was a better way. Thanks for listening ( reading).