Whats New
Greetings fellow Modelers,

UPDATE 1-24-23 
       It seems that the balsa shortage has started once again this year. My main suppliers
and my back up suppliers are having a difficult time obtaining balsa stock. Currently, I
have limited stock on hand so please keep this in mind when ordering. Further updates
will be posted on the main page and here. Thanks for understanding.

      I have added a new page called "The Vintage Vault". These are original kits that I had used as inspiration for doing the reproductions in the SRK section.  They are to the best to my knowledge complete and none have been started.  Also at some time in the future some Plastic scale kits will be listed  as well. As one might imagine, my storage space is very limited and I'll never build all these anyway. So please, help me find them a new home.