COM 3204           P-51 Mustang    18" w/s       $18
COM 3501           A-26 Invader                 30" w/s             $25
COM 3505PB     Hellcat                           24" w/s              $15
COM E11Bell P-39           25" w/s       $18
COM E16            Fokker D-7                    16" w/s             $18
COM E17            SPAD                            16" w/s             $18
COM E26JU87 STUKA     25" w/s       $18
COM 225 Fokker D-8        15" w/s       $14
COM 001             Fokker DR1 Triplane    16" w/s             $18
COM 30145         Spad/Fokker D-7           12" w/s             $15

GU304                 Fieseler Storch               24" w/s            $18
GU5011   Corsair F4U1      20" w/s      $18
GU5012   MIG 15             16" w/s       $15
GUWW1  Albatros DVa     18" w/s      $18
GUWW2  Nieuport 28        18" w/s      $18
GUWW3  Spad                  18" w/s       $18
GUWW4  Fokker D-7        18" w/s       $18
GUWW5  SE5                    18" w/s       $18
GUWW6  Sopwith Camel  18" w/s       $18
GUWW7  Bristol Bullet     18" w/s       $18
GUWW8  Nieuport 27       18" w/s       $18
GUWW9  Fokker D-8        18" w/s       $18
GUWW10Sopwith Snipe    18" w/s       $18
GUWW11Pfalz D3 Scout   18" w/s       $18
GUWW12Halberstadt CL2      18" w/s       $18

ST A1      Fokker D-7          24" w/s      $18
ST A2                  PT-17 Cadet                    20" w/s            $20
ST A4                  P-47 Thunderbolt           20" w/s            $20
ST A5                  Nieuport 17                     24" w/s            $18
ST A13    P-51 Mustang      24" w/s      $20
ST A16    Fokker D-8          21" w/s      $18
ST A23    Fokker E-III        25" w/s      $18
ST A27    Schweizer 2-3242.75" w/s            $22
ST E2      Fokker Dr.1    23.50" w/s      $22
ST M9     PT-19 (C/L)        21" w/s       $18

SCI 01     Cadet Stunt Sport22" w/s     $18

Short Run Kits ( SRK's ) contain only the main wooden parts and/or canopies where needed.
Reproduced for lost or damaged originals. These "generic" parts have been carefully remastered 
and flaws corrected from those found in the original parts and can be used to scratch build the model.
A Parts ID sheet is also provided as there is no printing on the parts themselves.
Any stripwood supplied is Laser etched and will need the use of a metal straight edge for cutting. 
Simply follow the line or builder can use "left-overs" from other kits.  Builder provides original plan, 
covering and powerplant.  If the builder doesn't have an original, a digital copy or a re-drawn CAD 
plan will be provided upon request. Plans will be sent via email or CD so the builder can to have them 
printed by a local print shop. Some reproductions below already contain plan sets. 

NOTE: If you have problems printing out the PDF plans, simply have your Local Print Shop "PRINT TO PDF IMAGE" with "NO SCALING". The PDF will auto select the correct paper size by their printer default.