KS 02  Albatros D-II 
.The Albatros D-II was Germanys second fighter to carry a "two-gun" armament
without suffering a corresponding loss of performance. An improvement of the D-I,
the D-II had "N" shaped cabane struts in the lowered position to offer pilots a better
view from the cockpit. Many of the early German aces ( Boelcke, Richthofen) made
excellent use of this fighter until the arrival of the much improved Albatros D-III in

Our model presented here is designed by Keith Sterner in "pseudo-dime scale".
Perfect in design and easy to build, Keith captures the pleasent lines of Germany's sleek  fighter of World War one. 
Kit Features:

*  16" wingspan
*  Box and former Fuselage Construction
*  2 - 11 x 17 Detailed Cad Drawn Plans
*  70 Laser Cut Contest grade Balsa Parts
*  Laser Cut balsa wheels
*  Balsa Spinner Parts

  ( Builder provides all balsa sticks, powerplant and covering material )

Price:  $ 15.00
Prototype model built by Dave Cowell