KS 01   Albatros D-I 
The Albatros D-I was the first German fighter to carry a "two-gun" armament
without suffering a corresponding loss of performance. It was less manoeuvrable
than the Fokker Eindeckers but this factor was outweighed by its greater speed,
climb and firepower. 

Our model presented here is designed by Keith Sterner in "pseudo-dime scale".
Perfect in design and easy to build, Keith captures the pleasent lines of Germany's first true fighter. 
Kit Features:

*  16" wingspan
*  Box and former Fuselage Construction
*  2 - 11 x 17 Detailed Cad Drawn Plans
*  70 Laser Cut Contest grade Balsa Parts
*  Laser Cut balsa wheels
*  Balsa Spinner Parts

  ( Builder provides all balsa sticks, powerplant and covering material )

Price:  $ 15.00
Prototype model built by Keith Sterner