We are Proud to introduce a small selection of Glider aircraft to our ever expanding line. Some are entry level DLG's.  These have been the result of request from our friends in the silent flight community and we want to share these with all our modeling friends.  Please note that these are NOT
full kits. Some items do have to be supplied by the builder such as R/C gear, Covering & CF Tubes.
Plans for each glider are provided on a CD with printing instructions. All Parts Laser Cut.
Standard BUG - 29" W/S
Typical Contents For The BUG DGL
BANTAM     100" w/s      Rib Set Only               $ 32
BUG X-Tail          29" w/s            See Above        $ 20
BUG V-Tail          29" w/s            See Above        $ 20
Lightning Bug      34" w/s        S-3014 Airfoil   available in "X" or "V" tail    $ 20
Lightning Bug      34" w/s        AG-37 Airfoil    available in "X" or "V" tail    $20
RAVEN               3 Meter           Rib Set Only      $ 35
RAVEN         2 Meter "D" Box       Rib Set Only      $ 28
MANTA          60" w/s        Ribs, Pod, Stab, Rudder & Wingtips     $ 28
Raven  3 Meter  example ( Only Ribs Provided with Plan )
Prices DO NOT Include Shipping