DPCM   125   FOKKER D- VII  
The FOKKER D-7 appeared over the Western front in the late spring of 1918 and severely challenged the Allied air supremacy.   The D-7's rapid climb and lightning recovery made it formidable in combat
against the allied Camels and SE5's.    During the month of August 1918, the D-7 is credited with 565
allied aircraft  destroyed.  An easy plane to fly, the D-7 was easy to retain sensative control at slow flying
speeds and high altitudes.

Our model (DPCM 125) is an authentic reproduction of this outstanding German scout.  It can be built 
for Rubber, Micro Electric R/C or for  Static display.

*  16" Wingspan
*  Box and Former Fuselage Construction
*  2 - 11 x 17 Detailed CAD drawn plans
*  102 Laser Cut Parts
*  Laser Etched Laminating Stock
*  Laser Cut Leading Edges
*  Laser Cut Engine Manifold
*  Laser Cut wheels
*  Wire for Landing Gear
*  Parts Sheet ID
*  Inkjet Generated marking sheet
*  Prop Pattern furnished on plan

( Builder supplies all balsa sticks, powerplant and covering material)

PRICE : $ 18.00

Also available in 18"
Same as above with 3 Cad plan sheets and 117 Laser cut Parts

Price : $ 20.00

Model built by Ben Magits