DPCM    123   SPAD S-7
Designed in May of 1916, the French Spad  was by far the most strongest aircraft put
into production by either side.  Powered by the 150 h.p Hispano-Suiza engine, the Spad gave a good account of itself in combat and caused considerable excitement in the 
Aviation Militaire. Flown by French Aces such as Fonck, Madon and Guynemer, the Spad would become the main stay in the french air service with over 5000  Spad type aircraft built before the end of the war.

Our kit (DPCM 123)  replicates this outstanding French Fighter in miniature. Designed
for rubber powered flight indoors or out.
Kit Features:

*  18" Wingspan
*  Box and Former Fuselage construction
*  2 - 11 x 17  Detailed CAD drawn plan sheets
*  120 Laser Cut parts
*  Parts ID Sheet
*  Laser cut Built up Balsa cowling
*  Laser cut wheels 
*  Wire for landing gear
*  Inkjet Generated marking sheet
*  Prop Pattern furnished on plan

  ( Builder provides all balsa sticks, powerplant and covering material  )

PRICE :  $ 20.00
Model by Royce Bunce