DPCM 114     Roland DVIb
Entering service in 1918, the Roland DVIb proved to be a good machine but was soon outclassed by the by the later British designs. Its unique planked fuselage 
gave it a shark line appearance and was often mistaken for pfalz scouts by French
and British pilots.

Our kt (DPCM 114) replicates this lesser known German fighter in miniature.
Designed for Rubber Powered flight for either indoors or out. This kit has now been updated with Brand New Cad Drawn plans and updated new parts.
Kit Features:

*   20.125" wingspan
*   Keel and Former Fuselage Construction
*   2 - 11 x 17 CAD Drawn Plan Sheets
*   160 Laser Cut Parts
*   Parts ID Sheet with Prop pattern furnished
*   Laser Cut balsa Cowl and Spinner Parts
*   Laser Cut Card Stock Details such as Machine Gun jackets, ect...
*   Inkjet Generated markings sheet ( not water proof )

( Builder provides all balsa sticks, power,  covering, prop and Hardware) 

Price: $ 20.00