DPCM  110     Sopwith Pup
Designed in 1916 to counter the German Albatros scouts, the Sopwith Pup was underpowered for combat but compared with the Albatros, it could turn twice for
a single turn by the enemy. Ample wing area gave it excellent performance at height.    170  Pups were built by Sopwith for the RNAS and another 1600 for the RFC.

Our kit ( DPCM 110) Captures this outstanding fighter in miniature. Designed for
Rubber Powered flight for either indoors or out.
Kit Features:

*   16" wingspan
*   Box and Former Fuselage Construction
*   2 - 11 x 17 Plan Sheets
*   146 Laser Cut Parts
*   Construction Notes and Parts ID Sheet
*   Laser cut balsa cowl Parts
*   Laser Cut WW-1 Style wheels
*   Wire for Landing gear reinforcement and axle

( Builder provides all balsa sticks, powerplant and covering material )

Price: $ 18.00
Model by  Michel Boudineau of Switzerland