DPCM  107    Sopwith Triplane
Designed in 1916 and produced in early 1917, the Sopwith Triplane was one of the more outstanding designs of the period. Used almost exclusively by the Royal Navel Air Service, the "tripe" as it was called, could outmaneuver any german
aircraft until the arrival of the Fokker triplane in August 1917. The only draw back for the Sopwith was that it had only one machine gun.

Our kit (DPCM107) captures this historic aircraft in miniature. Designed for 
Rubber Powered flight either indoors or out.
Kit Features:

*   16" wingspan
*   Box and Former Fuselage Construction
*   2 - 11 x 17 CAD Drawn Plan Sheets
*   112 Laser Cut parts
*   Laser  Parts ID Sheet
*   Laser cut balsa cowl parts
*   Laser Cut WW-1 Style wheels
*   Wire for Landing gear Reinforcement and axle

( Builder provides all balsa sticks, powerplant and covering material )

Price:  $ 18.00
Model by Jeff Runnels