DPCM 104 Pfalz D.III
Produced in the summer of 1917, the Pfalz D-III was an extremely strong machine. Being able to be dived harder and absorb a great deal of battle damage. Although slower in level flight than the Albatros, its design characteristics suited it well for the more dangerous and exacting work of balloon- busting  where it was flown successfully by leading German Ace's.
Our kit ( DPCM104-16 ) offers the builder a chance to built this historic aircraft in miniature.  Designed for Rubber Powered flight either indoors or out.   Not recommended for the novice builder.
Kit Features:
*   16"   wingspan
*   Ultra light Keel and Former Fuselage Construction
*   2 -  11 x 17 Cad Drawn Plan Sheets
*   Parts ID Sheet
*   88 Laser Cut Parts
*   Laser Cut Cockpit Cover
*   Laser Cut Cowl & Spinner parts
*   Laser Cut Profile Engine details
*   Laser Cut WW-1 Style wheel Blanks
*   Ink-jet Generated insignia sheet
*   Wire for prop hook
*   Prop Pattern furnished on plan

       ( Builder provides all balsa sticks, powerplant and Covering material ) 

Price : $ 18.00