I would like to thank those who believed in my dreams and have made DPC Models what it is today. Your support is the foundation from which transformed a dream into a reality. My sincere thanks to the following:

Mom & Dad, John J. Ernst, Joe F. Cox, Chuck Coates, Will Hayes,Virgil Gonzales
Curtis Mattikow, Bhagat Dhillon, Bill Piatek, Geroge Fowler, Jeff Runnels,
Jim Laurinec, Kevin Mooney, Mark Perry, Todd McFarland, Bob Chiang, Bruce
Stinshoff, Mike Taylor, Thomas Welch, Achim Engels, Keith Sterner, Neil Mckay, members of the FFCU and SFA.

And a very special thanks to Mark Miller, who with kind permission allowed me to use his wonderful artwork on this site.
Artwork provided by MARK Miller