Its now been 23 years since we've opened our doors in 1998 to the modeling community and I'm proud to say that it has been a sincere pleasure serving all my guest from around the world.  I also appreciate all the emails and those who took the time to sign my guestbook. I can't tell you enough how much I value your comments.

Looking around the site, you may have noticed that perhaps it seems that my interest in WW-1 aircraft has declined. I can honestly tell you that it hasn't. Right now there is a major push for kit restorations. Those old and tattered kits and plans from yesteryear are going fast and will soon be gone for good if someone doesn't step in and attempt to do something about it. I guess that's where I come in.  Or you could take a little trip to ebay and get raped for what some of those sellers are asking of old kits.

My original goals haven't changed over the years. I still try to provide the best possible service and offer quality kits at the lowest price possible only now the field of production is a little bit wider. I hope these meet with everyone's approval and I'm looking forward to another few years. 

           Dave Cowell

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