AW 11608  Pfalz D.VII / VIII
The Pfalz DVII /VIII biplanes evolved from the Dr.I.   First flown in December 1917,
it used the same 160 hp. Siemens-Halske engine. Performance was excellent especially
in climb provided the Siemens-Halske engine was not over heating or having other
teething problems. As a result, the DVII went into small scale production for front line
evaluation. The DVIII went into production Feburary 1918, reaching the front by April.
However these were not released for combat duty until June of that year. Reports indicate
that it was equal to the SSW DIV in speed and climb but inferior in maneuverability.

Our Model presented here gives the builder a choice of constructing the DVII or DVIII.
All modifications are clearly noted on the plans. Build it for display, rubber powered
Free Flight or Micro Electric R/C by the more experienced builders.
Kit Features:

*  18 - 9/16"   wingspan
*  Girder and former Fuselage Construction
*  3 - 11 x 17 Detailed Cad drawn Plans
*  Parts ID Sheet
*  Fuselage Covering Patterns on plans
*  Built up Balsa / Card Stock Siemens-Halske Engine
*  Laser Cut Spandau Machine Guns
*  154 Laser Cut  Balsa / Card Stock Parts
*  Vacformed wheels & Cowling
*  CD Containing back up Plans, Construction photos and Aircraft History
*  Printable Ink Jet Marking sheets  ( furnished on the CD )

  ( Builder provides all balsa sticks, powerplant & Covering material )

Price:  $ 30.00
Prototype DVIII built by Dave Cowell