AW 11607  Pfalz Dr.I 
The best -known of the German Triplanes after the Fokker Dr.1 emerged from the Pfalz factory at Speyer on the Rhine. This seldom known fighter was  superior to the Fokker. Tested in November 1917 by M.v. Richthofen, the Pfalz Dr.1 was put into small scale production for front line evaluation.  The Pfalz arrived too late to compete seriously with the Fokker and its quicker construction techniques and only 10 Pfalz Dr1's were built. It is a pity that such an excellent aircraft was not developed sooner and to a greater extent.
Redesigned using construction techniques from the mid 1930's, this Pfalz model is sure to be a hit at the flying field either for rubber Free Flight or Micro Electric R/C by the more experienced builders.
Kit Features:

*  21"   wingspan
*  Girder and former Fuselage Construction
*  3 - 11 x 17 Detailed Cad drawn Plans
*  Parts ID Sheet
*  Fuselage Covering Patterns
*  Built up Balsa / Card Stock Siemens-Halske Engine
*  Laser Cut Spandau Machine Guns
*  165 Laser Cut  Balsa / Card Stock Parts
*  Vacformed wheels & Cowling
*  CD Containing back up Plans and Aircraft History
*  Printable Ink Jet Marking sheets  ( furnished on the CD )

  ( Builder provides all balsa sticks, powerplant & Covering material )

Price:  $ 30.00
Pfalz Dr.I bones - Built by Dave Cowell