AW 11604  BRISTOL M.1c
One of the most unlucky airplanes of 1914-18, the BRISTOL M.1c was condemned to virtual obscurity when there was a crying need on the Western Front for a fighter of this calibre. 
In early October 1912, a committee was formed to investigate 3 fatal crashes, all involving monoplanes of the Royal Flying Corps. Although the committee found no reason to ban the type, it was felt that the design was fundamentally dangerous. The Bristol could have been one of the outstanding airplanes of its time but for official prejudice.

Our model (AW11604) is an authentic reproduction, designed by Keith Sterner, of this outstanding British scout.  It can be built for Rubber, Micro Electric R/C or for Static display.

Builder provides all balsa sticks, Power supply and Covering Material.
Kit Features:

* 23.125" Wingspan
* 15" x 36" Detailed CAD Drawn Plan ( furnished on CD to be printed by the builder )
* 11 x 17 Parts ID Sheet
* 1/32 Sheet Stock for making wing tip lams
* 121 Laser Cut Balsa Parts
* Laser Cut Engine Bank
* Laser Cut Engine Cylinders on card stock
* Vac Formed Spinner
* Wire for landing Gear axle
* Printable Ink Jet Marking sheet  ( furnished on the CD )
* CD Rom - Contains Plan, Construction Photos, 3 view & history

PRICE: $ 30.00