AW11602   FOKKER E-V
The E-V/DVIII was the last single seat fighter produced by Fokker in the closing weeks
of WW-1.  The first production aircraft, E-V's, suffered from wing failures due to poor
workmanship of the wing assemblies.  The wing was redesigned and production aircraft were now designated as D-VIII's.  Nicknamed "Flying Razor" by British airmen because
of the clean appearance when viewed head on, the D-VIII's of the old Richthofen Circus
scored Germanys last victories in the air on November 6 1918 when 3 Spads were shot
down in a dogfight.

Kit Features:

*  20.75"   wingspan
*  Box and former Fuselage Construction
*  26 x 28  Detailed Cad Drawn Plans on a CD ( to be printed by the builder )
*  146 Laser Cut  Balsa Parts
*  Laser Cut balsa wheels
*  Laser Cut Spandau Machine Gun Jackets
*  Laser Cut Engine Parts and Wheel Covers
*  Laser Cut Prop and Cockpit Cover
*  Vac Formed Cowling
*  Printable Ink Jet Marking sheet  ( furnished on the CD )
*  Graphics Package for 7 Aircraft ( furnished on the CD )

  ( Builder provides all balsa sticks, powerplant & Covering material )

Price:  $ 30.00
Prototype built by Dave Cowell