AW11601 Hannover CL IIIa 
The Hannover CL III entered service in early 1918.  They were good flying machines and
highly manoeuvrable; they were also very strong and could absorb a great deal of battle damage. Their climb rate was not outstanding but they possessed an excellent ceiling which enabled them to carry out their main role as an escort fighter.  Used for ground attacks and support, the Hannover was equally nimble at low altitudes.  About 530 CL III's were built.

*  29.125" Wingspan
*  2 - 15 x 36" CAD drawn plans ( furnished on CD to be printed by the builder )
*  159 Laser Cut Parts
*  Scale Balsa Wheels
*  Parts ID sheet
*  Balsa cockpit cover
*  Laser Cut Prop Blades
*  Detailed 3 view drawing

( Builder supplies all sticks, Powerplant and Covering Material )

PRICE:  $ 30.00